Bed Covers- Small

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Having spare cotton bed covers is never a bad idea. These covers are made for our Orthopaedic bed. The covers come with a zip and a velcro closure. 

Product and Material Details :
Material used : Cotton (except for the Basic waterproof Bed Cover)

Basic Waterproof Cover : This will be made of basic non-slippery waterproofing material and will be removable like our cotton cover. Ideally, these covers should go below the cotton cover to ensure the mattress does not soak in pee/any liquid. These are advised for dogs with incontinence/special needs. 

Large :- 2ft X 3ft X 1.75"

Washing Instructions:  Machine wash- Gentle/Delicate setting. Dry on low heat/ sun dry. 

 Delivery Timelines: 8-10 days from the date of purchase.