Our Story


A few years ago, when I moved to Bangalore, my lifelong wish of living with a dog came true. Fidel aka Puppy, came with my marriage and boy I am so happy he did. He was and is the best dog I could have ever asked for. 

I was on the lookout to buy comfortable products that are durable and easy on my pocket. I did not find much so I decided to explore my creativity and put my sewing skills (Thanks to the Needlework classes I attended in school ) to use. I joined a bunch of groups on Facebook and registered for an upcoming pet event - Pet Jatre ( I don't know if its brave or naive, Ill say brave because we know it worked out). With no brand name, social media presence or any products ( million ideas in your head does not count)

I started googling names of business that are taken, and then I realised it just has to be what I like. So PAWFFLES was born, "Paw" (to make the business obvious) + Waffles (I love waffles!!).

I started with hand sewn bandanas, bows on collars and paw impression. After the love I received that day, Pawffles was here to stay. My very talented, multitasking queen of a mother decided to help with Pawffles and rest is history. 

Over the years, we have added products that offer function, comfort, durability and are easy on the pocket. As our business grew it made sense to move it back to our beloved hometown, Nagpur. We work with local vendors, tailors, and suppliers.

Big hugs and a ginormous thank you for making Pawffles a part of your dog's life, its been an honour. 

- Nisha & Garima