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Car Seat Cover

This review is a long time coming. Have ordered the XL waterproof backseat covers and super happy with their quality, durability, ease of use and cleaning. It's been about 2-3 years and still almost as good as new.

Not to mention they have withstood the extreme shenanigans of my 4 hell raisers. And great service. I ordered from Mumbai and faced zero issues in the whole process.

Preethi L


Car Seat Cover: Before we would take atleast half an hr to prep the car before we could take bibbo on drive. Now its just a min job. The sheet acts as support for bibbo as he used to feel scared that he might fall off in front


Lovely designs, sturdy, long lasting products!

There are some solutions that only an astute pet parent can concoct.... And that's what Garima and Pawffles do! All their products are useful and of the best quality. I've found everything I need for my lil one's comfort and special days here - girlie bows, car seat covers, and soft mats. None of the products have given away even after two years of use. 


Floofitons are the best!

My dogs Laya and Hailey (Golden Retrievers) both sleep on one floofiton 😊 It's warm and comfy. Easily washable. Dries quick. It's great for them cause both of them suffer from arthritis and it gives that warmth that they need in cold weather. Great product! Thank you, Pawffles! We love it!

Indira K

Basic Car Seat Cover

We got a waterproof car seat cover from them. The product is great! Its extremely sturdy, durable and very good quality. Very easy to clean and install. A must have.

Pallavi Tomar