Forever Dog Bed

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The lightweight bed is made of two layers- firm base and a soft,semi firm topper( swipe right to see the gorgeous beds). The bed is topped with cotton cover and removable bolsters. 

Here is how multipurpose this bed is:
- Height of the bed is adjustable- Both the layers can be use separately, i.e you get 2 beds at the cost of one( whaaatt!!). Works well if you have an older/dog with weak joints and a young dog.
- The bolsters and its covers are removable and machine washable.
- The layers can be waterproofed for older dogs, dogs with incontinence.
- Spare covers are readily available.

Here is why its the Forever Bed:
1. The layers don’t flatten out over the years.
2. Works in single/multi dog household.
3. Works for puppies to older dogs.
4. Everything is removable i.e. maintenance and hygiene upkeep of the bed is a breeze.
5. Very suitable and so comfortable for human bums too.

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