Doggie Bean Bags-Medium

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These are literally use anywhere bean bags, if you are outdoors remove the cotton cover and use as is. Outer cotton cover is soiled just toss it in for a wash.

Note: These bean bags do not come with Beans ( Need to bought separately - Local Vendor/Amazon)

Product Description :
These bean bags come in two covers
1. Inner cover - Made of high-density, water and abrasion resistant nylon. This also is the packet that holds the beans. Mostly Black in colour.

2. Outer Cover - Removable cover made of cotton.

Size :

3ft X 3ft- Fits medium sized dogs like Indies,Cocker Spaniel etc.

Washing Instructions:
1. Inner Cover: Use a dry cloth and disinfectant and clean it, it ready to use then and there if soiled
2. Outer Cover : Machine washed- Gentle/Baby care/Wool setting. Dust and then dry it in sun

Delivery Timelines:  3-4 days from the date of purchase.

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