Snuffle Mat

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A dog’s sense of smell is 2000X greater than that of a human. If a dog’s mind is not entertained, often dogs choose inappropriate behavior such as; barking, digging, chewing, ripping up carpeting, eating drywall, chasing children, stealing, and other general naughtiness. 

Dogs need mental enrichment as much as they need physical enrichment.

Snuffle mats are a great way to keep the mental enrichment game on. These mats are made of a sturdy fabric which allows the mat to be safe to use and also easy to clean, 

Size : 17"X 22" 

**There is no set color scheme decided for the mats**

How do you use it ?

- All you have to do it throw in some treats on the mat. Roll the treats in the fabric and let the dog sniff them out. 

How to clean ?

- The fabric is fixed on the mat is not removable. Soak the mat in some washing soap and gently scrub off any tough stains and let them dry out in the sun. If its not too sunny, mats can be dried under a fan as well. 

Delivery Timelines: 8-10 days from the date of purchase.

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