All of our products are machine washable (except Orthopaedic Dog beds). 

Here are few tips to keep our products last forever :

  • Use gentle wash cycle on your washing machine. 
  • Soak and cold wash the products. 
  • Sun drying is good for the product and for the environment. 
  • For all products with waterproofing, wipe them down with Vinegar + water solution/disinfectant of your choice. 
  • Put mats/ beds out in the sun once a month. 
  • Vacuum/ dust the bedding as often as you can. 
  • Don't let the dog chew on our products, the possibility of harm to your dog is much higher than the damage to the product. "Chew-Proof" is a myth, chew resistant may be a reality, conditions and limits apply (side note: Your dog's teeth can chew on raw bones, our products dont stand a chance). If your dog is showing signs of destructive behaviour, please consult a behaviourist. 

As always, any questions or feedback please write to us at :